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5 Star Rating
Nick from on 4/2/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Fast, efficient, friendly"

"This is a professional, thorough, clean, organized, and friendly mechanics shop."
5 Star Rating
Philippe Neveu from palos verdes peninsu on 3/28/2019 for an auto service of their 2003 Ford Econoline and their testimonial is:

"Highly recommend"

"Great work. Awesome customer service"
5 Star Rating
Jennifer Lara from redondo beach on 3/26/2019 for an auto service of their 2007 Honda CR-V and their testimonial is:

"Friendly service"

"Very friendly service, didn’t have to wait to get assistance they took my car in right away took about an hour went picked up my car and they not only fixed my car part that had broken but they did a few details to my car at no charge and price is affordable. "
5 Star Rating
Cbrandeau from on 3/17/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"Those guys are the best very professional I had a serious vibration on the steering after hitting a large pothole I changed the rim and damaged tire and no one could re balanced the wheels Mike did it"
5 Star Rating
Gypsy taub from berkeley on 3/13/2019 for an auto service of their 1995 Chevrolet G-Series Van and their testimonial is:


"I have been around the block a few times and know how hard it is to find honest mechanics who truly care about people. I really lucked out when I found Mike at Cars Muddler. Mike is an amazing human being and a superb mechanic with a crew of truly knowledgeable awesome mechanics. They did a great job, treated us like family. I can't begin to express how grateful I am to Mike and his crew. I will be stopping by his shop every time I go to Mexico and come.back.this way to get my vehicle serviced. It's truly a great pleasure and a blessing to have found these wonderful people. Our world needs more people like these guys."
5 Star Rating
Tommy Fitzgibbon from torrance on 3/4/2019 for an auto service of their 2015 Isuzu NQR and their testimonial is:

"Very comforting"

"As a tool salesman I visit many shops during the week. Throughout my experiences, Cars Muffler is one of only two shops I would ever take my vehicles to. They have a good experienced crew, no turn-over rate (it's always the same good guys working there), and it feels more like hanging out in a friend's garage, rather than a shop where I'm spending money. My work-truck is my livelihood, and I wouldn't trust anyone else to service it."
5 Star Rating
Anonymous from on 2/28/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

""Gold" standard"

"It was a excellent experience and I would recommend them to anyone needing service. They built a great exhaust for my classic car."
5 Star Rating
glen from on 2/27/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Excellent service"

"Their work quality and service are excellent. After a review of your car, they discuss and show you what the apparent problem(s) are and offer/explain the solutions available."
5 Star Rating
Joe Torreto from redondo beach on 2/21/2019 for an auto service of their 2018 Honda Odyssey and their testimonial is:


"Excellent customer service. Michael will let you know what the customer's immediate needs only."
5 Star Rating
Ron Lunsford from lawndale on 2/19/2019 for an auto service of their 2006 Ford Ranger and their testimonial is:


"You can trust the quality of service, once again was a pleasure."

Reviews from Google

5 Star Rating
Brady Switzer from 06/15/2021:
"It is not easy to find shooed to work on a 1964 Falcon but Cars works on any issue for any car. I took it to them for a melted speedometer cable I was told was related to the muffler location. cars said it wasn’t that and they replaced the cable and address a heat shield to the new cable. I asked them if they did electrical. Yes. They totally fixed my electrical related turn signal issues and realigned the wheels while realigning the steering wheel. Also adjusted the brakes and fixed a power steering hose and a few other items I was unaware of. All at what I felt was a very reasonable price. Plus all work guaranteed anywhere for 35 months! Great shop, great service and they do it all."
5 Star Rating
Claudia Alther from 07/08/2021:
"Trustworthy, friendly, fair and professional. I trust them completely. When they don't find a problem with our cars, they don't charge us. I'm very grateful for their support and honesty throughout the years."
5 Star Rating
Jamie Hayes from 06/16/2021:
"Received detailed report of repairs needed with supporting photographs. They quickly responded to questions regarding repairs and cost estimates. Repairs were done in the time frame stated which was fantastic. Staff was very friendly when dropping off and picking up my vehicle. I will definitely be coming back - but hopefully not anytime soon!"
5 Star Rating
Ken Weiner from 05/17/2021:
"Heard about Cars from local RV owners who we asked for a recommendation. I met with Michael...told him what the issues were and he said they would run a 60 point check of the vehicle to see "what's up". They ran the engine light diagnostic and found exhaust sensor issues. Re-ran the diagnostic and found that in addition there was an ignition coil issue. I appreciate the re-test to make sure it would run to it's full ability again. AND IT DOES! They are straight forward...clear in what they will do for you...fair in their pricing (I guess for auto shops now)...and timely for sure. Good find for us. They also gave us recommendations for some inside the coach repairs I needed. Much appreciated."
5 Star Rating
ken wiley from 08/25/2020:
"smog check on cars -- great service"
5 Star Rating
Lauren Zboril from 10/31/2020:
"Great service. Schedule A maintenance, four new Michelin tires all performed flawlessley. Professional, knowledgeable, and fantastic “get it done” attitude. Great place."