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Hybrid Battery Replacement in Redondo Beach, CA

Hybrid Battery Replacement and Reconditioning in Redondo Beach, CA

What is a hybrid battery?

As you may know, a hybrid vehicle combines the functionality of a gas-powered motor and an electric hybrid battery. The battery is rechargeable and provides enough power to keep even a large vehicle running. Every major car makes, including Acura, Alfa Romeo, AMG, and Aston Martin, offer hybrid vehicles in their lineups. 

Hybrid vehicles offer the best of owning an electric car and a car run on fuel. They offer a very impressive fuel economy, and this is because of the hybrid battery that powers the car. Electric engines become much more functional when a gas-powered engine is added to it; these two components combine to produce the best efficiency and reliability. 

A hybrid vehicle utilizes a 12-volt lead-acid battery and gasoline like a traditional vehicle while also pulling energy from an electric battery. The vehicle can switch seamlessly between power sources so the driver isn't even aware of the transition. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the electric battery recharges. This makes hybrid vehicles 20-35% more fuel-efficient than traditional vehicles.

A hybrid vehicle cannot run without a functioning battery. Most hybrid batteries run for around eight years. If your hybrid battery seems to be wearing down, you can bring your vehicle to Cars Automotive & Muffler in LA County. We can perform a multitude of services on your vehicle, including Auto Repair and Engine Repair. Some signs your hybrid battery is dying include a decreased fuel economy, fluctuations in the state of charge, and strange engine noises. 

What is hybrid battery reconditioning?

Hybrid battery reconditioning is done to reverse the battery's aging process and recondition it. The reconditioning process moves as follows:

  1. The hybrid battery is taken out of the vehicle and its overall state of health is assessed. 
  2. The battery is disassembled and its modules or cells are exercised on our equipment, restoring their ability to store electrical energy.
  3. The modules' capabilities are tested and their capacities are determined. They are then grouped with other modules of similar power and capacity.
  4. After a final charge and testing of the modules, the battery is built around the good cells.
  5. The remaining components of the hybrid battery are checked to ensure their best performance. 
  6. The entire battery pack is placed back into the vehicle. 

If you are in El Segundo, CA, Hermosa Beach, CA, Manhattan Beach, CA, Palos Verdes Estates, CA, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA or surrounding areas, you can come to Cars Automotive & Muffler in Redondo Beach for all your hybrid battery replacement and reconditioning needs. 

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